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What does Exalted Alchemy Mean?

Exalted is to be in a state of extreme happiness and total bliss. Alchemy is the magical process of creation, transformation, and combination. Our offerings are all intentionally  crafted to support you in finding those moments that make you feel alive and connected.

Our Vision

Exalted Alchemy offers you intentional products that help inspire moments of bliss and enhance whole-istic wellness for your body, mind & soul. Everything is 100% natural, cruelty-free and Earth-conscious.

We want to celebrate those moments in life, big or small, that make you feel alive and elevate your energy. Exalted Alchemy’s products are created with love, intention & magic to help you feel more connected with yourself and the universe; Using principles from herbalism, astrology, and energy healing, each product is hand crafted by founder, Jess in New York's Hudson Valley. Jess is a certified herbalist, flower essence + reiki practitioner and has formulated every offering with the utmost care.


Our Roots

I have always felt deeply connected with our Earth but after a summer of love, outdoors, and gardening every day, I craved carrying this plant energy through the winter months. Simultaneously, I realized how many unnecessary ingredients were in the products I'd been using regularly. So I began experimenting - making various oils + elixirs for myself,  friends and family. 

Creating these products gave me newfound energy, passion, and purpose. I knew I needed to devote my energy to this craft, and I launched Exalted Alchemy to share the powerful healing properties of our natural world. 

Our Process

All Exalted Alchemy products are hand-poured, naturally infused, and created with the utmost love and respect for you and our Earth.  All items are energetically charged with reiki healing and natural crystals. We are very sensitive to energies and ensure only the best is in your bottle. 


Each batch of candles are hand-poured on significant astrological events, particularly new or full moons. This additional universal alignment can help you harness particular energies and work toward your goals.


Getting Personal

Hi, I'm Jess! I founded Exalted Alchemy at the beginning of 2020 to further explore my passion for plants and different modes of wellness. I grew up in New York and now live and make all of our products in New York's gorgeous Hudson Valley. 

I've always felt a deep connection to nature -  the creatures and plants we share space with are my greatest inspiration.  I've always been a "wellness junkie" but started my more "formal" training with my yoga certification back in 2015. After obtaining my RYT-200, I became much more in tune with the universe on a physical and spiritual level. This brought me to the green path. Feeling a deeper connection to our natural world has brought me so much healing and I hope to help facilitate that connection for others through Exalted Alchemy. 

Now, I am a certified herbalist + flower essence practitioner, and I utilize my extensive herbal knowledge to formulate each product. 

I'm a Virgo sun, Virgo moon, and Aquarius rising.  I went vegetarian when I was 8 and never looked back - I'm vegan and so are most of Exalted Alchemy's products (with the exception of a little beeswax here and there). I have two cats (assistants) - Dexter & Jasper, and I'm always listening to music while crafting our products. 


I am also an artist and have my BA in studio art + art history. All of the artwork featured on the website and the product's labels is my original work. My featured piece, "exaltations," was the inspiration for naming Exalted Alchemy.

Screen Shot 2021-06-28 at 5.00.47 PM.png

Education + Certifications

At heart, I am a student of the universe and nature is my greatest teacher. I have continued my studies and exploration of wellness through a variety of modalities and have earned a number of certifications to enhance my credibility in the field.


B.A. in Studio Art + Art History, Colby College

Certified Yoga Teacher (RYT 200) through Ohra Yoga 

Reiki Practitioner (Level 1 +2)

Certified Herbalist

Flower Essence Practitioner

Nada Ear Acupuncture Certified

I am passionate about continuing my education and learning new modalities to incorporate into my products + practice. I am currently enrolled at Twin Star's School of Herbalism and Energetic Studies working toward my clinical herbalist certification. This winter (2023) I will be studying both the intersection of astrology based herbalism, and tropical flower essences at the Wild Ginger Herbal Center in Costa Rica. 

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