Flower essences are the most delicate form of plant medicine, essentially, little magic drops of a flower spirit. They can be very intense or light, happy, + easy, just like flowers! Each essence comes from a different flower and each flower corresponds with a different human emotion + power.

They are made with freshly bloomed flowers untouched by human hands and set out in the sun for 2-6 hours in a clear dish of spring water to conduct the flower’s essence and vibration. Then, the essences are preserved with a bit of brandy and can stay potent up to ten years after they’re made.



Everyone and anyone can use flower essences - pets, babies, the elderly, and so on. They can be taken orally, sprayed, added to your bath, face cream, or any other products you’d like - get creative! 

They are safe to use even with other medications. For example, St. John’s Wort is helpful for depression and anxiety, but you can’t take the plant extraction with other SSRI medication. However, the flower essence of St. John’s Wort is safe to consume, as it doesn't contain any properties of the plant itself, yet it contains the energetic properties of said plant. The energetics of a plant often mimic the medicinal properties; and are beneficial to use in combination with or in lieu of the physical plant.  



Flower essences flood your body with the highest vibration of the plant. This flower energy medicine coats your whole energetic body. Similarly to adaptogens - they can help you heal, and adapt to the world around you. Each flower corresponds with a different human emotional condition of pattern, and they can get pretty pinpointed to specie feelings.

Depending on the emotion you're working with you may notice an immediate response. However many emotional patterns are deeply ingrained in our being - when taken consistently, you may look back and identify changes in how you're handling situations differently than you may have in the past. 


If taken orally, we recommend around 3-4 single drops, 3-4 times per day. 

When sprayed, use at your leisure as desired.

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Flower essences were initially discovered by English doctor, Edward Bach in the early 1900's. He was a medical doctor who noticed a deep correlation between his patients physical and emotional disorders. He created the initial 38 flower essences, that are the base for flower essence therapy. Today there are over 200 flower essences that have been studied and added to the greater community repertoire, however, each flower has something special  to offer and more essences are being discovered every single day. Many practitioners also work with essences of gems, mushrooms, and other unique findings in the natural world.