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Flower essences are the most delicate form of plant medicine. They are an energetic form of plant spirit healing and contain no physical plant material. We like to think of them as flower energy drops. Each flower and it's corresponding essence addresses a different human emotion or pattern. Flower essences flood the body with the highest vibration of that plant. They can help move trauma through the body and enhance emotional, mental + spiritual growth.

They are made with freshly bloomed flowers untouched by human hands and set out in the sun for 2-6 hours in a clear dish of spring water to conduct the flower’s essence and vibration. Essentially, by way of the Sun's powerful rays - the water catches the vibe of the flower. The water then acts as the conductor for applying the flower's energy


Everyone and anyone can use flower essences - pets, babies, the elderly, and so on. They can be taken orally, sprayed, used in acupuncture, added to your bath, lip oil, or any other products you’d like. If taken orally, we recommend around four drops a day. 

They are safe to use even with other medications - for example, St. John’s Wort is helpful for depression and anxiety, but you can’t take it with other SSRIs. However, the flower essence of St. John’s Wort (or the essence of any other plant that might not be safe to consume orally) is safe to consume, as it isn’t the plant itself, but its properties and power in the essence. 


Flower essences flood your body with the highest vibration of the plant. This flower energy medicine coats your whole energetic body; Think of them as adaptogens that help you heal, calm you down, or generally adapt to the world around you. You may not always notice it in the moment, but if taken consistently, you can look back and identify how you’ve handled situations differently than you may have before. 


We can provide you with singles, blends, and customs. If you are a fellow herbalist or practitioner seeking stock or dosage bottles to use with patients or clients, please feel free to reach out through our contact form and we will set you up!


The energies of flowers have been used to heal emotional imbalances dating back thousands of years - though, the collation of the healing properties of flowers is relatively new. 


In the 1930s, Dr. Edward Bach created the initial 38 flower essences. He recognized the inner levels of our human experience and sought a natural, non-toxic method to address the spiritual, emotional, and mental conditions of patients. The original 38 flower essences were said to treat every dis-ease, disorder, or imbalance.

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