Energy Clearing


Energy Clearing

We can come into your space to help clear out any stale energy. A combination of smoke, crystals, candles, herbs, reiki, sound and essences may be used. You are welcome to join us in the clearing. Please let us know if there are any materials you do not want used in your home.

What to expect

  • 1hr session with Jess
  • $150
  • Possible additional cost for travel
  • All materials included

It all starts with your space. You clean your house physically, and now it's time to clean it energetically.

Clear space, clear mind, can't lose

"Before I moved into my new apartment, Jess came over and helped me cleanse the space. It was the perfect way to clear out any old energies and set the space for me to move in!"
— Penny D.

"We brought Jess into our company to help reset the energy in o9ur office space. we do this once a year to bring a fresh energy to our space, and to help move stale energy out of the office. Our whole team notices the difference."
— Exalted Alchemy Client

Energetic Reset

Try out some of our ritual tools to help energetically cleanse and protect your spaces