Flower Essence Consultation


Flower Essence Consultation

Flower essences are a beautiful form of energetic healing. They work subtly with the body's emotional field to move traumas and emotional patterns through the body so they are not stuck. Flower essences are the most delicate form of plant healing and actually do not contain physical plant compounds. The essences are initially made with water - which holds on to the memory and energy or the flower. Each plant corresponds with a different emotional state so the essences help correct patterns of imbalance and infuse the spirit with positive vibrations to help you thrive.

Flower essences are safe for babies, pets, the elderly and everyone inbetween. They are extremely helpful to use alongside other therapies, both traditional and energetic. Please watch the video below for more information about flower essences!

What to expect

  • $115
  • one-on-one consultation with Jess
  • Consultation and 1oz custom flower essence blend
  • Shipped 2-5 days after your consultation

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Flood your body with the plants highest vibrations

"I’ve learned so much about flower essences through Jess and how transformative these powerful essences are. I love having them as a part of my daily ritual and feel the positive impact they’ve had on my well-being. I highly reccomend flower essences to everyone! <3"
— Desiree H.

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— Desiree E.

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