Personalized Herbal Consultation


Clinical Consultation

Herbal consultations can be a great way to enhance your current wellness protocol or to discover ways to bring ease to particular ailments. Our founder, Jess is a clinical herbalist and will create a custom protocol for you after your consultation. We will review your medical history and discuss your current state of being and any difficulties you are currently facing, both physical and emotional. Your custom protocol may include flower essences, tea, tinctures, elixirs, adaptogens, changes to diet + lifestyle and more.

What to expect

  • 1-2hr Consultation
  • one-on-one with Jess
  • Custom formulas + products are billed separately
  • Recommendations given 2-7 days after consultation

Our bodies are meant to co-exist with plants.

There are so many natural remedies to support the body in healing and prevention of dis-ease

Ready to feel your best?

"I had an herbal consultation with Jess where she tailored a personalized regimen to address some gut issues that recently came up, anxiety, and other health concerns. After incorporating her custom blended herbs, teas, tinctures & elixirs I noticed a significant improvement and balance to both my physical and mental health. I wholeheartedly recommend her expertise to anyone seeking a natural and effective path to healing!"
— Desiree H.

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— Desiree E.

Clinically-Formulated Care

Not ready to commit to a personal consultation? Start with one of our signature teas, elixirs or flower essence blends to support your health