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Flower essences are a beautiful form of energetic healing. The essences are initially made with water - which holds on to the memory and energy of the flower. Essences can also be made from other things like crystals, mushrooms, sound frequencies, homes, beaches, business locations, weddings and other special events.

The respected Dr. Emoto did many studies on water and how it's frequency and molecular structure changes depending on it's surroundings and conditions. We like to celebrate this by making our clientele memorable essences, capturing energy of special times and places in their life.

We complete the process from start to finish so you can enjoy yourself.

Essences are safe for babies, pets, the elderly and everyone inbetween. They are extremely helpful to use alongside other therapies, both traditional and energetic. Please watch the video below for more information about flower essences!

What to expect

  • $300 base fee
  • Possible additional cost for travel and time
  • Includes flower essence blends - both 'mother' and 'stock'
  • Mother essence can last up to 10 years
  • Jess will be onsite at event or location to make essence
  • Essence will be bottled and sent ~2 weeks after creation

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Hold on to the energy of a special place, event, or moment in time

"Exalted Alchemy made us an essence of our annual festival and wow. The energy this essence was able to capture is incredible. Every time we use or take the essence we are transported back to the energy of our favorite day."
— Dream Valley, NY Festival

"Jess was hired by a friend of ours to make us an exalted essence of our wedding day. We take this together throughout the year to bring us back to the energy of our special day. We're so happy to have this as a physical memory we can relive."
— Ashley + Dane, California

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