Love Candle

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Exalted Alchemy candles feature an apricot coconut wax with an all-natural and non-toxic scent blend that contains a small amount of essential oils. We choose to use this blend because it’s the most sustainable option out there! In general, essential oils should be used sparingly because of their environmental impact.


Each batch of candles harnesses the energy of the zodiacal transit and placement that it was crafted under. When you burn an Exalted Alchemy candle, that energy is released back out into your space - to be used however you’d like. 

New moons are great for manifesting new ideas and full moons are great for things coming to fruition or completion. You can utilize the energy from these periods to list your manifestations and place them under the candle while it’s burning, work through certain emotions, or enjoy a sense of peace after a long day.

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